The Adventures of Sweet Pea, The 1955 Westerner

Monday, September 29, 2008

1955 Westerner For Sale

I am moving and am not able to keep my dearest Sweet Pea. I originally bought her on eBay and have taken her to Burning Man for 3 years. She tows great, is all original but a little rough around the edges and could use a little TLC. She's a "Canned Ham" style trailer. Easy to tow, cozy and super vintage stylish.

Sold as is, some cosmetic repairs needed. Sun roof leaks and there is water damage on the ceiling wood paneling. This existed when I bought her and I've stored her with a a tarp to prevent further leaking. Outer skin is showing age and needs repairing at some point, but nothing that prevents enjoying her. Since I used her for Burning Man I figured it wasn't worth making these repairs yet. I did buy her new tires 3 years ago. She's only been on 3 trips so low mileage on the tires.

Here are the original specs:

Kitchen includes oven, stove top and small sink. I have never used it but it's apparently all ready to go. The fridge needs repair.

Removable dinette and storage under seats

She's was a movie star with a previous owner. Was in The Fast and Furious with her beau Vin Diesel.

Very comfy bed nook. Sleeps 2 cozy. Check out all my photos on Flickr.

Please contact!