The Adventures of Sweet Pea, The 1955 Westerner

Saturday, July 29, 2006

First Steps - Tow to Metro RV

Today the Westerner got towed from the sellers home to Metro RV, all in Los Angeles. So far everyone is being really friendly and helpful. Don from Larry's Towing said "that's one real nice trailer, real nice", and also suggested that we install a type A trailer hitch onto Joseph's truck. He said he's seen too many trailers that have broken free of the bumper hitch. I guess a tow truck man would know, as he's seen his share of trailer carnage I'm sure. He didn't seem to think installing new electric brakes would be needed as the trailer is quite light (only 1450).

We talked to Jessie at Metro RV about our list of things to check out and things to do. Basically an inspection for road worthy safety:

• safety chain
• spare tire & jack
• possible electric brakes?
• type A trailer hitch for truck?
• re-grease & re-pack wheel bearings
• running lights & turn signals
• interior lights
• fix storage bin lock
• wiring harness for joe's truck

We'll talk again Monday for an estimate and next steps.

And it took many years to evolve it. There were many problems to solve in the building of the modern trailer. It had to travel smoothly, swiftly, economically. It had to be light weight, strongly built and able to withstand fast travel. It had to have the stamina to roll down thru the years awith little depreciation. Unlike the automobile it was not to be traded off every year or two. It had to do the thousdands of mile with little or no upkeep. It was to become a family jewel, a prized possession — a sound investment. It had to be a cabin in the mountains — a cotage at the sea shore — a haven on the desert. It had to be ready at a moments notice to provide sleep quarters, fine home-cooked meals, and restful relaxation after a long day's tour. These things were naturally built into this trailer because it was conceived and built by men who know trailers, who live in trailer and travel the highways on fast, safe, economical tours. Long experience taught us all these things and so ... We proudly present the Westerner.

• Fused electric circuit
• Plug-ins in each light fixture
• Dinoline fire-resistant sink-top adn table-top
• Standard garden-hose fitting on plumbing
• Easy-to-clean plastic upholstery in dinette (in exclusive western motif)
• Venetian blinds
• Screen door
• Silvercell fiberglass insulation
• 6.70 x 1.5 tires (fitting most late passenger cars)
• Innerspring mattress
• Porcelain enameled steel sink
• Modernaire 50-lb. ice chest
• Modernair 3-burner stove with ovenette
• Directional signal lights

Without License and State Tax
F.O.B. Los Angeles

Water tank and Pump
Butane Lights
Are Optional Extras