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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tires. Completed. Finally.

Finally a big item to check off the list. Phew! Why was it so difficult? Why doesn't anyone know anything about tires? Dave called a guy who does restorations, and the whole tire rating system was news to him. Wha? MetroRV totally spaced. Jerks. Dave noticed that a big RV manufacturer ships with LT tires, not ST. Hmmm. No one on the yahoo vintage trailer group responded to my question. The guy at Wheel Works didn't understand what we were asking (duh), and we finally got helped by the other guy who knew what he was doing. The guy who did the tire work seemed cool, and waved the "hang loose" as we drove off. Last item remaining, is to pick up the spare tomorrow.

So, if you need to know anything about trailer tires. Ask me. Now I know.

New tires:
Carlisle "C" 205/75D15
15x5 spoke rim/wheel

We went down from the P 215 radial to the ST 205 bias. This is a slightly smaller tire in diameter (205), plus a more narrow tire in width (ST). We went with bias instead of radial for a couple reasons: 1) light trailer 2) bias is less bouncy/sway 3) tire pressure less tempermental than radial. Radial would have been fine, but we went on the recommendation by Vince at Wheel Works that the bias with the lighter trailer will be a smoother ride. Dave already noticed a difference.


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