The Adventures of Sweet Pea, The 1955 Westerner

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More items to check off the list

I'd really love to move onto the fun stuff like the curtains, LED lighting, and vinyl lettering ... but first up tonight, Ken helped out by doing some well needed work:

1) Removed propane tank.
I'll add a new one at a later date

2) Trimmed the jackstand where it was rusted and broken.

3) Removed the broken thumb screw from the jack wheel.

4) And he provided all the nuts and bolts we need for our new safety brackets.

Yay Ken! This isn't the first time he helped me out. He's a great neighbor.

5) Ok, and I did end up buying the LED lighting afterall. I had to do something fun. LEDs are really energy effecient and will work great with the deep cycle 12v battery I still need to buy.

• 1 red string for inside
• 2 blue strings for running along the outside profile of the trailer
• 2 bulbs to replace the incandescents


  • At 1:13 AM, Blogger pennypat said…

    love sweat pea. would you consider selling now? pennypat


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