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Friday, August 25, 2006

Gettin' stuff done!

Curtains. Check.

Battery - Inverter - Outlet - LED lights. Check.

Screen door latch. Check.

Peach sorbet from tree. Check.

Feels good to check things off the list. Last night I sprayed all the gold curtain rods and brackets with silver paint. Dave installed the screen door latch so it doesn't flop around anymore, and double checked to make sure the spare tire will fit. We determined that the bottle jack I bought is too small and I'll need to return it for 2 larger ones. I finished the large bedroom curtain this morning, and then invited Mary over for peach sorbet (made it last night, picked from my tree) to eat in the dinette. Annabel and Ethan stopped by and another guy stopped in to ask about the trailer who just bought a similar one recently. Lot's of activity. Now I need to get back to my list for the trip. Inventory batteries, mend my clothes, organize the piles of stuff that have swallowed up my living room, and get my bike lubed up.


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