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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Home Sweet Home

The trailer served as a great home for 7 nights. We lived in the Hoodville camp (42 peeps) within the Alternative Energy Zone Village (500 peeps), on Chance Street @ 8:00. A definite upgrade from a tent or dome. The greeters at the gate welcomed us home, and we pulled into camp just before sunset. We set up the standing jacks (Dave even brought a level), organized a bit of our gear, and headed out on our bikes and into the night. My friend Mike did a nice write up of some of the art highlights.

Dave took these photos of the trailer, and many more. He posted some to flickr.

It was a great first run, and gave us a chance to see what else would be good:

Add inside to hang gear, hats, goggles, dusk masks, etc.

Shade Screen
Create an easy up Aluminet shade structure to go over the trailer, with a front porch shade. Maybe even a hammock.

Clothing Rack
Set up outside, so you don't have to be constantly digging around for stuff. We ended up not wearing a lot of stuff because it becomes too hard to find everything. Susan set up her rack, and the next morning new clothing had been added by an anonymous costume fairy of some sort.

Post the city map outside the trailer so friends who stop by can mark where they live. It's really hard to remember and find camps.

Add a mailbox or wipe board outside with the map so friends who stop by when we aren't home can leave a message.


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